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AMK Certification Study Group

Glasgow Lodge #485

Study Group

Starting in Jan. 2020

Glasgow Lodge #485 will be starting an Academy of Masonic Knowledge Certification Study Group. It is open to all PA Master Masons.


***This Page is Under Construction***

Event Info:

            Place: Glasgow Lodge #485 in Shippingport, PA

            Date and Time: 1/2/2020 7pm - 10:30pm (Snacks to be Provided)

            Cost: $20/year or $5/per session to cover snacks

            Dress Code: Casual

            Attendance Limit: Open to all PA Master Masons

            Food: Snacks and Coffee will be provided

More Info

Coming Soon:
If you are having trouble, call
Zak Scurnopoli!!
Last Academy Live Stream March 2019:
Lecture 1 Begins at 1:00:00
      Q&A 1 Begins at 2:37:00
Lectur 2 Begins at 4:31:00
      Q&A 2 Begins at 5:13:52
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